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I am a freelance copywriter specialising in fashion and beauty content. As a ten-year-old, I'd sneak Vogue magazines into my mum's basket at the grocery store and create my own ad campaigns for fragrances and resort collections using Paint and word docs. What other qualification do I need? 

I believe good writing is undervalued, and to write well is a specialised skill. Consequently, I've spent years studying how to best shape words into vehicles of expression and communication. I studied a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a major in creative writing at the University of Wollongong, graduating with first-class Honours. I bolstered these writing skills with additional study in marketing and communications in the form of a Diploma of Entertainment Business Management at JMC Academy. I am currently completing a PhD in creative writing on a part-time basis.  

If you wish to work with me, please see my services page for a detailed breakdown of what I can do for you. I also welcome general enquiries on my contact page. 

Ariel Bartlett | Fashion and Beauty Copywriter